Absolution is a Chicago based band formed in 2019. The foundation of Absolution is this: A devil-pope and his servants (the Nameless Ghouls, and Ghoulette.) The most distinct feature of Absolution is their “uniforms”; The nameless ghouls/ghoulette wear identical masks and garments, while Papa, conceals his identity under a full prosthetic mask and makeup that creates his demonic pope. 

Papa and His Ghouls/Ghoulette deliver a powerhouse of metal and pop-driven hard rock music with sinful tongue-in-cheek sonic sermons centered on horror imagery, the occult, and spawning Satanic themes. The band has a resume that includes high profile performances both nationally and internationally private, public, and corporate alike.

Even the devil was once an angel. If you want an accurate reproduction of the Ghost sound, look, feel, and energy, you undoubtedly want Absolution and their captivating stage performances. We don’t live in the darkness, darkness lives in us.

“Hope Not To Ever See Heaven. I Have Come To Lead You To The Other Shore; Into Eternal Darkness; Into Fire And Into Ice.”